Services Offered

Individual Counseling

Now offering counseling in Texas, Florida & Kentucky

If you are trying to be normal you will never know how amazing YOU can be~Maya Angelou




                       *  ADHD

                       *  Adjustment to change

                       *  Work related issues

                       *  Managing Stress

                       *  Relationship Issues- (family, friendship,                              etc)

                       *  Depression

                       *  Anxiety

                       *  Bereavement and Grief

                       *  LGBTQIA

                       *  Communication

                       *  Parenting- Positive Parenting Discipline

                       *  Self-exploration

                       * Conflict Resolution

                       *  PTSD &/or Trauma (see ART below)






School Consultation

​        *  Understanding a 504 and your child's needs               at school

       *  Understanding your rights as a parent at your              child's school

       *  Understanding the RtI process/Child Study                  Process

       *  Understanding what Special Education means            & your rights

Perinatal & Postpartum


               *  Depression 

               *  Anxiety

               *  Postpartum Planning

               *  Understanding the 4th Trimester

               *  Understanding the 5th Trimester

               *  Perinatal Journey

               *  Infertility

               *  Adjustments and Life Transitions

               *  PTSD &/or Trauma (see ART below)

Resources for Therapists:

             *  Transitioning into Private Practice     


Counseling for Children & Adolescents (ages 10 & up):

*  Parent/Child Relationships

*  Drug and Alcohol Use

*  Social Anxiety

*  Time Management

*  Anger Management

*  Coping with Stress

*  Self-esteem

*  Finding Independence

*  Transition from: Elementary to Middle

   School, Middle School to High School; High

   School to College

*  Adjustment to Change



*  Anxiety & Fears

*  Depression, Sadness, &/or feelings of          hopelessness

*  Coping with Bereavement and guilt

*  Learning & implementing coping skills

*  Family conflict


*  Life coaching

*  Relationship issues

*  Dealing with Divorce

*  Behavior Issues

*  Academic Issues

*  Behavior Issues

*  Bullying

*  Social Media Usage

*  Social Related Issues-Cliques

*  Mood Swings

Interventions Used

  • ART (Accelerated Resolution Therapy): Accelerated Resolution Therapy is an eye-movement technique that is evidence-based for the treatment of trauma and is currently being studied for application to many other mental health concerns.  Eye movements have been used in counseling sessions for many years. There is a significant body of evidence supporting the finding that inducing rapid eye movement while awake helps the brain process and resolve psychological issues.  Eye movements also create relaxation in the body, just as rapid eye movement helps us sleep during REM sleep.  Accelerated Resolution Therapy is designed for a therapist to guide you through processing specific scenes or events from the past that may still be troubling you.  There are also ways for your counselor to help you overcome fears, phobias, and other problematic behaviors through the use of eye movements. 

  • Art and Play Intervention

  • Bullet Journaling

  • Solution Focused

  • Mindfulness

  • Stroller walks