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First Visit

Before you first visit, you will be sent a link to the client portal through Simple Practice. Through the client portal, you can cancel & book appointments, see invoices, sign up for reminders for appointments (sent 24 hours before appointment time), send secure messages and fill out paperwork before your first session.  All of the paperwork sent to you must be completed before we meet.

The first session is all about getting to know you better, gathering background information, personal history, and identifying your goals for treatment.  This is called the “diagnostic assessment.”  This initial meeting is traditionally more structured, as I have a lot questions to ask.  You’ll have an opportunity to ask your own questions and schedule your next appointment during this time.

Future Sessions

The frequency of appointments depends on many factors. You and I can talk about this more when developing a treatment plan together in our first session. 


The more work you do outside of the counseling office, the more likely you are to find symptom relief.

What to Expect

First & Future Sessions

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